Patch 1.2: card updates

Patch 1.2 features our first balance changes since the debut of Rising Tides, as well as a bunch of card clarity updates. Card Updates Champions Vladimir (level 2) Attack: For each other attacking ally, deal 1 to it and 1 to the enemy Nexus. → For each other attacking ally, deal 1 to it and […]

Patch 1.1 notes

Expeditions Archetypes We’re still gathering post-Rising Tides data for Expeditions, so the changes below are aimed at cleaning up a few lingering issues from before the set’s launch. We’ve also seen discussion around Deep and Nautilus due to the smaller deck sizes in Expeditions—so far, our data hasn’t shown these strategies to be overpowered in […]

Ezreal, the… Space Cowboy?

The team did a lot of exploration with Ezreal. And while his League gameplay is iconic with tons of spells and high mobility, what if—and just hear us out—we leaned into his really cool explorer thematic? In his earliest design, five artifacts would shuffle into your deck at the start of the game. And if […]

Elise, the Spider Lady from… Somewhere

Elise, the Spider Lady from… Somewhere “Champions in League typically have ‘known properties,’ or basically thematic and gameplay,” shares game design manager Shaun “UNCONKABLE” Rivera. “We also get data—thanks to the insights team—about what players think. One of the things we do with that data is turn it into a word cloud to see if […]