Patch 1.1 notes

Expeditions Archetypes

We’re still gathering post-Rising Tides data for Expeditions, so the changes below are aimed at cleaning up a few lingering issues from before the set’s launch. We’ve also seen discussion around Deep and Nautilus due to the smaller deck sizes in Expeditions—so far, our data hasn’t shown these strategies to be overpowered in practice, but we’ll be keeping an eye on them and will make changes if necessary.

Lastly, the Rising Tides offering bonus (where new Rising Tides archetypes are twice as likely to show up in the champion picks) will be staying for this patch and then will be removed completely in patch 1.2.

Noxian Might, at its core, is supposed to be about 5+ Power units and nexus damage overwhelming the opponent in the midgame. Given that, we’re weakening its early game so you’ll have to dip into other archetypes if you want to start threatening your opponent on turn 1.

  • Removed: Legion Rearguard

Scrapheap is getting a minor tweak to enable Insightful Investigator a bit more.

  • Added: Academy Prodigy
  • Removed: Rising Spell Force

Total Recall hasn’t been all that successful lately, so we’re removing some of the slower and more inconsistent cards in favor of some solid removal options.

  • Added: Thermogenic Beam, Statikk Shock
  • Removed: Unlicensed Innovation, Shady Character, Shadowshift


Hotfixes applied since last patch

  • Fixed an issue where Vi would temporarily gain +8 Power while levelling up.
  • Sejuani (level 2) now properly Frostbites enemies when a Round Start trigger deals damage to the enemy Nexus.
  • Sejuani (level 2) can now properly Frostbite attacking enemies.
  • Lee Sin now properly gains Barrier if he levels up from the first spell cast in a round.
  • Fixed an issue where Twisted Fate couldn’t be played on a full board to replace a unit.

New fixes

  • Fixed an issue where LoR would immediately crash when attempting to start on a Windows PC set to use certain regional calendar formats.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the Expeditions loadout button after leaving Expeditions queue would crash the game.
  • Fixed an issue where cards were sometimes incorrectly identified as ‘Your Deck’ or ‘Shopkeeper’ during Trade Picks after reaching six wins in an Expeditions trial.
  • Miss Fortune’s damage trigger will no longer result in a drawn match when it would both bring the enemy nexus to 0 health and trigger an effect that would kill her owner. As with similar effects, the match will now immediately end when the enemy nexus goes to 0.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging units over Oracle’s Eye while blocking could lock up the game.
  • Copies of units that have been buffed will now properly display those buffs in their tooltips.
  • Fizz and Lee Sin now count level-up progress from spells that revive them.
  • Pilfered Goods will now more quickly draw its second card.
  • VFX and clarity improvements across various card triggers (Tall Tales, Gotcha!, Fury of the North, Vi).
  • Fixed a variety of visual bugs with end-of-game XP—actual earned XP was correct in all cases we fixed (we’re also investigating reports of other issues, such as players not receiving correct XP from quests).
  • Fixed various issues with highlight prompts on client buttons not properly resetting.
  • Fixed various capitalization and line break issues across multiple languages.
  • Fixed an issue where matchmaking audio would continue after cancelling matchmaking.
  • Fixed issues where deck loadouts weren’t properly updating.
  • On Android, fixed an issue where game audio could keep playing after closing the app.
  • On iOS, fixed an issue with blinking turn lighting on the Slaughter Docks board.
  • Once again removed Zephyr Sage from the Disruption archetype (it snuck back in with Rising Tides).
  • Unified “XP Boost” terminology in all locations (replacing terms like “rested XP” in some spots).