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Patch 2.17.0 Notes

Wake up, grab a piece of toast and get ready to dash, because class is in session; Battle Academia has arrived in Legends of Runeterra! Personalization The following items are being added to the Store. Champion Skins Battle Academia Lux Alternate art + Level-up Animation Battle Academia Ezreal Alternate art Battle Academia Poppy Alternate art [ more...]

Patch 2.16.0 Notes

Personalization Teemo and Fizz have had their original art added to the Store as free skins! Please note, because these skins are offered in a bundle that includes 3 copies of the champion, the price of the bundle will be shown as 300 Coins if you do not own 3 copies of either Teemo or [ more...]

New Riot Client Coming Soon

Patch 2.15.0 Notes

Card Updates Note – the card updates below were previously applied in a hotfix; no additional updates are being made, we’re just providing a bit of retroactive context behind the changes. Since the launch of Beyond the Bandlewood, we’re seeing an incredible amount of variety types of decks people are playing. That is awesome, and [ more...]

Event Overview: Beyond the Bandlewood

From the icy Freljord, to the seedy shores of Bilgewater, to the peaks of Targon, the vast deserts of Shurima, and everything in between – there’s a lot to see in Runeterra. Now, are you ready to explore what lies… Beyond the Bandlewood? Find your way with the Beyond the Bandlewood event, starting today alongside [ more...]

Patch 2.14.0 Notes

New Expansion – Beyond the Bandlewood Time for a new adventure – the Bandle City region launches in this patch, along with 126 new cards, including 9 new champions, new keywords, an Event Pass, and much more in our latest expansion – Beyond the Bandlewood! Beyond the Bandlewood arrives in patch 2.14.0, which will be [ more...]

Regional Price Changes and Global Bonus Currency

TL;DR: We’re updating our pricing for some regions on September 8th. Brazil, Latin America, and Russia will see increased prices due to exchange rates and tax changes. Europe will see decreased prices due to changes in exchange rates. From August 23rd to September 8th, players will receive double Bonus Currency from all virtual currency purchases. [ more...]

Beyond the Bandlewood – Trailer and Reveal Schedule

Few have journeyed through the mysterious portals found across Runeterra, leading to a land where enchantments and mischief run freely, a timeless city beyond the material realm with curiosities waiting to be discovered. The real adventure, however, extends beyond this magical city, and all it takes is a leap of faith and some magic! Your [ more...]

Patch 2.13.0 Notes

Whether you prefer to carefully calculate your moves to secure victory or create wacky I-sure-hope-this-works decks and hold on for dear life, Lab of Legends is about exploring new ways to grow your power in Legends of Runeterra. This patch, we’re excited to introduce our latest PvE experience that expands upon the original with a [ more...]