Runeterra Patch1.6 Notes: SPIRIT BLOSSOM

Step into the spirit realm—the Spirit Blossom festival begins now! Patch 1.6 also contains the latest card balance updates as well a new board and our very first deck bundle available in the store. Dev Notes: Balance in 1.6 When designing and balancing LoR, we strive to set players up to dictate the metagame by […]

Runeterra 1.5 Patch Notes: LABS

The Season of Fortune continues with Patch 1.5 and the introduction of Labs, a new game mode that’s all about variety, experimentation, and maybe a little chaos. We’ve also got a few quality-of-life improvements and even a few balance changes! Dev Notes: Balance in 1.5 and beyond Patch 1.5 contains a couple balance changes that […]