LoR is officially launching with Patch 1.0

Rising Tides The Rising Tides expansion charts new territory with the addition of Bilgewater, the next region of Runeterra, as well as 11 new Champions and 120+ new cards! New Region: Bilgewater In the treacherous harbor of Bilgewater, locals live and die by one code: take whatever you can. Pirate gangs never pass up a […]

Patch 0.9.4 Note

Patch 0.9.4 features the final card updates of Open Beta—including buffs to Draven, Katarina, and Yasuo—plus tweaks to Expeditions archetypes and some user interface improvements. Hey everyone. We talked at the beginning of Open Beta about how we look at balance over the course of sets, including how we plan to approach our final card […]

Launch Announcement & FAQ

LoR will launch with a brand new set of 120+ cards, including a new region! When can I play with the next set of cards? The next set of cards comes to PC with Patch 1.0, which will go out at approximately 10 AM, April 28 PT. Card and champion reveals will begin soon and […]