Design Dive: Randomness


Yes Hello Hi! I’m Alexzandros “Careless Whisper” Lee, the design lead for the Rising Tides expansion. Rising Tides adds a new region—Bilgewater—and a bunch of new keywords and mechanics.

In Bilgewater, fortune favors the bold and life always comes with a little risk. We’re excited to bring that flavor to a fresh design space and introduce new kinds of cards to LoR—like this one:


Make It Rain is a card that can play out a few different ways, which is what we think makes it exciting and fun. But we’re also aware that there’s a word in the rules text fraught with a lot of potential hazards: random. So before we cover Make It Rain (and a few other fun cards from the Rising Tides set), let’s dive in and talk about how we think about randomness in Legends of Runeterra. Beware—here be jargons.