Expeditions Preview Patch Notes

This is our first major update to the game, and it’s a big one–there’s a new Expeditions mode, 40+ card updates, and a bunch of technical improvements. Let’s break it all down. TABLE OF CONTENTS Expeditions A quick note on card updates Card updates Champions Followers & spells The watchlist Card visuals & clarity In-game […]

Expeditions Preview Patch FAQ

What is LoR? I have so many questions! We have so many answers! Check out our Announce FAQ for a bunch more info. What is the Expeditions Preview Patch? LoR is still in active development, but we’re gearing up for beta in early 2020. In the meantime, we’re granting limited access for a couple preview […]

Progression by the Numbers

EDIT: This article was released during the Nov. 2019 preview patch. Many of the numbers and/or graphics shown below are no longer accurate—check the Open Beta patch notes for specifics. Hello! I’m Ryan “RyscG” Giuliany, the design lead for progression in Legends of Runeterra. This article is a bit of a combo piece: part followup […]