Patch 2.11.0 Notes

New Expansion – Rise of the Underworld What lurks in the depths of Legends of Runeterra’s newest expansion? Let’s hope you don’t find out the hard way… Rise of the Underworlds introduces a new keyword – Lurk – as well as 43 new cards, including three new champions – Ekko, Pyke, and Rek’sai. Rise of […]

New Expansion: Rise of the Underworlds – Trailer and Reveal Schedule

Rise of the Underworlds, the next, and final expansion for the Empires of the Ascended set, launches on June 30, 2021! Rise of the Underworlds introduces three new champions. Stay tuned to LoR’s social pages for new reveals every day at 9:00AM PT. The expansion launches with Patch 2.11.0, alongside our next balance patch. To […]

Patch 2.10.0 Notes

Patch 2.10.0 is our final minor update before the debut of the Rise of the Underworlds expansion in patch 2.11.0, releasing on June 30, as well as a large batch of card updates for both champion and non-champion cards! This patch introduces a host of Pool Party personalization items, including Pool Party champion skins with […]

Patch 2.9.0 Notes

Card Updates We’ve seen a lot of conversation in the community lately on the topic of live design; players are passionate about it, and we’re passionate about it as well. We believe that live design is strongly connected to one of our fundamental beliefs, which is that every player should be able to have access […]