Patch 2.11.0 Notes

New Expansion – Rise of the Underworld What lurks in the depths of Legends of Runeterra’s newest expansion? Let’s hope you don’t find out the hard way… Rise of the Underworlds introduces a new keyword – Lurk – as well as 43 new cards, including […]

Patch 2.10.0 Notes

Patch 2.10.0 is our final minor update before the debut of the Rise of the Underworlds expansion in patch 2.11.0, releasing on June 30, as well as a large batch of card updates for both champion and non-champion cards! This patch introduces a host of […]

Patch 2.9.0 Notes

Card Updates We’ve seen a lot of conversation in the community lately on the topic of live design; players are passionate about it, and we’re passionate about it as well. We believe that live design is strongly connected to one of our fundamental beliefs, which […]