Universes Collide – Introducing Champion Skins

Champion skins have made their way to Legends of Runeterra, and we’re kicking things off with two skins each from the Dark Star & Cosmic Skin lines that are absolutely out of this world.

Caught in an eternal conflict, Cosmic Zephyr Yasuo and Cosmic Exile Riven serve as warriors to defend the light against the unspeakable horrors of the Dark Star’s thralls, Dark Star Zed and Dark Star Shyvana.


As a brand new, highly-requested feature, let’s look at exactly what skins are in Legends of Runeterra, how to get them, and what to expect for the future.

What are champion skins?



Champion skins are a new way to personalize your favorite decks by taking them to an entirely new dimension! Equipping a champion with a skin will alter the art for all copies of each of that champion’s levels, as well as their accompanying flavor text. Some skins have entirely new level-up animations, and alter the appearance of summoned units (i.e. Dark Star Zed’s Living Shadows). Each skin’s effects are listed out on their Store page, so you can see exactly what they’ll change before making a purchase.

We have a lot of plans for champion skins in the future, including the introduction of some fan-favorite skins & skin lines from League of Legends, like Pool Party, Battle Academia, Arcade, and a whole lot more!

I’ve never seen these skins before, are they exclusive to LoR?



Good eye – Cosmic Zephyr Yasuo, Cosmic Exile Riven, Dark Star Zed, and Dark Star Shyvana are all new skins that were designed for LoR. While it’s technically possible that skins that make their first appearance in LoR eventually make their way to League of Legends and / or Wild Rift, you should expect LoR skins to stay in LoR. The processes for developing skins for LoR vs. LoL and Wild Rift are very different, so it’s not a simple copy / paste job from one game to another.

Does that mean LoL / Wild Rift skins won’t be coming to LoR?

Not at all! We have plans for a wide variety of skins for LoR, including some never-before-seen (like the Cosmic & Dark Star Skins featured in this patch), as well as existing fan-favorites, some of which you’ll be seeing in just a few weeks as we kick off our summer activities.

How do I get / switch between champion skins?



Champion skins can be purchased exclusively with Coins in the Store or through your Collection. Once you own a skin, you can select it in the Card Styles section of each of your decks’ loadouts. Please note – you must own at least one copy of the champion the skin is meant for in order to purchase the skin. If you don’t own the champion, the skin’s price will be adjusted to bundle in a copy of that champion.

If you’re not quite sure you’re ready to commit to a skin just yet – no need to worry. Even though the Dark Star & Cosmic Skins (and many others introduced in the future) are thematically tied to an event, they will be available even after the event ends.

Additionally, prismatic effects can also be applied to champion skins! If you’ve upgraded a champion to a prismatic, each of that champion’s skins will also be prismatic. If you want to enjoy a champion skin without prismatic effects, you can toggle off prismatics for your deck in the top right corner of your loadout.



Skins have consistently ranked as one of our most highly-requested features since we launched over a year ago, so we’re extremely excited to start rolling them out. This is just the start for skins and we aim to create even more awesome ones as LoR grows. Look forward to seeing even more alternate universes, fan-favorite skins, and more over the coming months!