The Community Card Kitchen Is Open!

Hello Legends of Runeterra community! If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at designing a card for this game we love, now’s your chance. We are teaming up with all of you to create a brand new card that will be fully realized and released in a future LoR set. Interested? Let us show you around the kitchen.


It’s easy, fellow chef! We are going to go through each part of the card and give you the opportunity to weigh in, voting on different aspects of the card’s creation such as region, card type, art, as well as an even more direct way to contribute, writing in your own text box! This page will be our hub where you can always go to find the latest info about where we are in the process and to find places to check out what others are saying about our hot new flavor.


There are many steps to making a masterpiece and each one needs its own time to simmer. Voting will be happening periodically throughout the coming months with individual rounds of voting being open for one week. As with making any new dish, though, cooking times may vary and some parts may need a bit more than others. The most important part is we want to make sure that your voice is heard, and together we make something everyone can be proud of.


We are starting off with what is one of the most common bases for any design; region. This is a head-to-head battle where all 10 regions have a chance to be a part of something special and it starts right now! The bracket and link to the first round of voting can be found below, but if you’re the type of person who wants to know a bit more background about what you’re making—or the people helping prep them—check out the video.

Now it’s time. Go put on your chef’s hat, pick up your golden spatula, rally your fellow chefs, and get to cooking! CLICK HERE TO VOTE!