Rotation is Here

You’ve heard right – the new Standard and Eternal formats have come to Legends of Runeterra!

For those seeking the ultimate test of their skills, look no further than Standard – a format carefully curated with a select group of cards. With a smaller card pool, the competition in Standard is as fierce as it gets. As new cards are introduced, the meta constantly evolves, ensuring that the gameplay remains balanced and exciting. Think of it like a Purpleberry Shake – always refreshing. While the card pool is limited, you can expect the cards within Standard to shift every year or so; not only to make room for new cards, but to bring back some favorites from the Eternal format.

Curious about the Eternal format? Allow us to enlighten you. Eternal is the ultimate playground for Legends of Runeterra fans, featuring every playable card from the game. It’s the perfect way to immerse yourself in the world of Runeterra and experience the thrill of playing with some of your favorite cards. Additionally, some of the cards rotating to Eternal will be un-nerfed, making them as exciting as the first day they were released (periodic balance support for Eternal will still ensure it’s a healthy experience).

To select your format and mode in game, simply click the top button on the Play window to select whether you want to play Eternal or Standard, as well as choosing between Ranked and Casual. Make your selection, and you’re off to the tables!

Want to explore which cards are playable in each format? This is automatically sorted based off of the type of deck you’re creating (either Eternal or Standard). However, if you want to see exactly which cards have been rotated into Eternal, you can discover this in-game.

Simply click the filter button from the Card Collection screen and scroll down to “Eternal.” From there, select “Rotated Cards.” Voila! This will allow you to easily see all cards that are only accessible in the Eternal format.

We hope you enjoy these new ways to play LoR, and want you to let us know! Check out the pinned post on the LoR Subreddit to give us feedback.


If you’re itching to learn more about the philosophy behind rotation and why these formats are the perfect fit for Legends of Runeterra, our game director and executive producer, Dave Guskin, has put together two fantastic deep-dives that explore the reasoning behind rotation: