Top RIOT Tournaments for 2023

Numerous well-known and obscure video games from numerous genres are played in esports. There is Counter-Strike: Global: Offensive for you if you enjoy shooters. PUBG and Fortnite are here to help if you prefer battle royales of epic proportions. The NBA 2K eLeague was created as a result of the union of the NBA and Take-Two Interactive, publisher of the NBA 2K video game franchise. Everybody can find a video game to play in the esports world.

Even too many options might appear. Given the abundance of multiplayer games available, it can be challenging to decide what to watch while playing as well. You’ll be able to move forward with the help of this esports gaming guide. You can determine which option appeals to you the most after becoming briefly acquainted with all of the alternatives.

Over the past few decades, the esports industry has advanced significantly and is showing no signs of slowing down. Let’s look at the biggest and most awaited esports competitions in 2023. In addition, if gambling interests you, you can look up poker hand rankings.

Top 5 Esports Events 2023

#1 CS:GO – BLAST Paris Major 2023

  • Venue: Paris, France
  • Dates: May 8, 2023 – May 21, 2023

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular eSports genres worldwide is CS:GO. International competitions draw large crowds of enthused spectators who enjoy watching the thrilling matches between professional athletes.

Two important CS:GO competitions are planned for 2023, the first of which will be hosted in Paris by Two brackets (lower and upper) are used in the tournament, and the top two teams from each bracket play in the Grand Finals to decide the winner.

The CS:GO Paris Major 2023 is anticipated to be a significant occasion in the competitive scene of the game. Teams from the SA, NA, EU, SEA, and CIS regions will compete to rank in the top 24 teams that will compete for the championship title beginning on April 5. The second Major tournament’s time and date are still unknown.

#2 League of Legends – World Cup 2023

  • Location: TBA
  • Dates: to be confirmed

With a large player base worldwide, LoL is the most played game. In total, excluding Chinese platforms, almost 4 million people watched the Worlds 2019 grand final, which is the largest annual tournament. No other game can boast a fan base as impressive.

Riot Games establishes an esports infrastructure that includes MSI and Worlds, two outstanding international competitions, as well as local leagues all over the world. The LEC, LCS, LCK, and LPL are the principal regional contests. The league that is the most well-liked, LoL Champions Korea, is always breaking records; the most recent was 1 million viewers.

This year is no exception, and a number of League of Legends competitions will soon take place. To the Mid-Season Invitational will go the top teams from the spring split. The most talented players advance to the World Championship after the summer split. Twelve regions, including South Korea, China, Europe, North America, and others, host the official League of Legends tournaments.

#3 Valorant – Tour of Champions Valorant Seoul 2023

  • Venue: Seoul, South Korea
  • Dates: to be confirmed

The upcoming Valorant Champions 2023 is anticipated to be one of the year’s major highlights, with two splits leading up to international finals planned for late August or early September. The winning teams will then advance to the World Championship to compete for the top honor. Although Seoul, South Korea is the planned location, the exact dates have not yet been determined. Keep checking back for more information as it will be interesting to follow!

#4 Dota 2 — The International 2023

  • Location: TBA
  • Dates: to be confirmed

The top teams in the world compete in The International, an annual Dota 2 championship. 30 teams from all over the world are anticipated to attend this year’s competition, which runs from October 8 to October 30.

#5 Fortnite World Cup

  • Venue: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Dates: to be confirmed

The Fortnite World Cup is widely considered as the most highly-anticipated eSports competition. Featuring international players, the tournament draws in millions of viewers worldwide. In this year’s competition, there will be challenges across multiple regions, including solo, duo, and team competitions.

LCK Spring 2023 – All About the Event

LCK Spring 2023 holds the status of the most popular LoL league. At the end of January, there was a match between two titans, T1 and Dplus KIA (formerly known as DWG KIA), which scored 720.7k views (including all broadcasts).

The matchup between KOI and Team Heretics at LEC Winter 2023 created a lot of buzzes among European League of Legends fans. The Spanish derby was watched by 486.6 thousand spectators. So much attention to this particular meeting is not surprising, since these clubs are owned by popular Spanish streamers ibai and TheGrefg.