Patch 4.3.0 Notes

New Expansion: Glory in Navori

“I don’t work. I slay.”

Challengers from all over Runeterra have come to answer the one question: Can they find Glory in Navori? In this expansion we are introducing three new champions and the Dragonmancer Event. It doesn’t stop there, though. 4.3 introduces Rotation which opens up two new formats Eternal and Standard. Path lovers don’t worry– you’re getting some love in this expansion as well! There will be brand new Monthly Challenges that are intended to test the skills of our most devoted Path players. Log in to claim Glory in Navori, playable on March 29 at approximately 11:00AM PT.


New Cards

To find out about Samira, Sett, and Jack – as well their awesome followers – check out the links below!



New Mechanics


Coin: Coins can stack. Playing the Coin card will refill your mana, depending on how many times it has stacked.


Brash: Can only be blocked by enemies with 3 or more health.


Path of Champions

New Champions


  • Star Power 1: When you refill mana, give allies +1|+0 this round.
  • Star Power 2: +1 Starting Mana. When you gain the attack token, create a Fleeting Prize Fight in hand.
  • Star Power 3: When you refill mana, give allies +1|+0 this round and deal 1 to all enemies.


  • Star Power 1: Every 6+ mana you spend each round, grant allies +1|+1.
  • Star Power 2: +1 Starting Mana. Round Start: Create a Coin in hand.
  • Star Power 3: Every 6+ mana you spend each round, grant allies +2|+2. After you spend 12+ mana each round, Rally.


    • Star Power 1: The first time you damage the enemy Nexus each round, the next card you play costs 1 less.
    • Star Power 2: +1 Starting Mana. When you play your third card each round, grant allies +1|+1.
    • Star Power 3: The first time you damage the enemy Nexus each round, the next card you play costs 3 less.


    Hah! You have been fooled ! Ashe is already available!

    Editor’s Note: *imitates Veigar laugh*

    New Mode

    Monthly Challenges

    Do you have a huge collection of characters and are looking for new, harder challenges that can push that roster to the limits? The brand new monthly challenges are for you! Even if you don’t, hopefully this will be an exciting milestone you can work towards.

    The Monthly Challenge contains 70 micro-adventures.

    Let’s break down what we mean by micro-adventure: There will be one or two battles, and then you’ll arrive at the big boss of the adventure.

    But there is a twist; each champion can only be used 3 times, win or lose. That means Jinx can’t steamroll every encounter you’re having trouble with. In this mode, she’s like a super-weapon that sits on the shelf before you bring it out to solve a big problem.

    We’re excited to get this in front of everybody to try, but there are adjustments and improvements we still want to make. This a beta version of the Monthly Challenges. Now everybody wants to know, what shiny loot can you get? Right now, honor and respect! We have a Leaderboard for this mode that you will be able to compete with your friends on. We want to receive feedback from the community and add rewards to the Monthly Challenges in the future, but we want to make sure we get it right and are still working on it.

    Be warned: these challenges are going to be tough, even for highly experienced players with big rosters of champions. We expect most players won’t be able to make it through the entire challenge the first month, and it should be a fun goal to work towards.


    Dragonmancer Event


    “Channel the majestic power of the dragons.”

    The Dragons of Runeterra are varied, and their appearances give credence to their storied pasts. In the Dragonmancer event we will be able to get our hands on all new Icons, Cards, Emotes, and new Champion Skins.

    Purchase before April 12 to get an exclusive quest that awards 10 Marks of Peace and a Rare Prismatic Chest. The event pass grants access to an upgraded event path with premium rewards and immediately unlocks Tranquility Dragon Karma. All unlockable rewards can be viewed on the Event rewards road.

    Play games to earn Marks of Peace and unlock more rewards!

    Event ends and pass expires May 11, 2023, 12:00 AM PT.



    The following personalization items are available with this patch.

    Champion Skins

    Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol

    Alternate Art



    This skin can be obtained by completing the Dragonmancer Event Pass

    Tranquility Dragon Karma

    Alternate Art



    This skin can be obtained by completing the Dragonmancer Event Pass

    Lagoon Dragon Kai’Sa

    Alternate Art



    Fae Dragon Ashe

    Alternate Art



    Carnage Dragon Jack

    Alternate Art & VFX, Unique Level-Up Animation




    Obsidian Dragon Sett

    Alternate Art & VFX, Unique Level-Up Animation




    Cascade Dragon Nami

    Alternate Art & VFX, Unique Level-Up Animation




    Card Backs

    Sett’s Invitation









    All These Coins


    “Can hardly hold them”



    That’s the best you’ve got?”

    Come Here


    “…so I can punch you in the face.”


    New Icons now available.


    New Ranked Icons for the World Ender season will be rewarded.


    Back by popular demand, please check out the Ranked Icons that can be acquired at the end of the new season starting tomorrow, Glory in Navori.




    Dragon-blessed Bundle

    Only the truly worthy are granted the power of the dragons’ ultimate blessings.

    This bundle contains:

    Obsidian Dragon Sett

    Carnage Dragon Jack

    Cascade Dragon Nami

    Fae Dragon Ashe

    Lagoon Dragon Kai’Sa

    Champion cards for all of the above champions

    Price is prorated for potential duplicates.

    Deck Bundles


    The Title Fight Deck

    Champions: Sett and Jack

    Theme: Stack Coins and spend them to fuel an explosive combo

    Playstyle: Combo, Refilling Mana

    Put your money where your fists are, and show ’em who’s the king of the ring.

    Price is prorated for potential duplicates.


    Gameplay System Updates

    Card Adjustments




    Today is the last day of the Beta Season. Check out all of the new details about Ruthless Rumbles, and Runeterra Open Day-2s coming to the game starting tomorrow! Details can be found in the Competitive 2.0 Article.

    Make sure to keep an eye on the in-game Gauntlet Schedule to see what format is coming up! If there are any changes we will make sure to update it to the new format. Speaking of formats, if you want more information check out the format rules article!

    Last, but certainly not least, we’ve released a brand new Masters LP system with this patch. Our dev team has been battling a bug that has affected LP in our APAC region and we’ve redesigned how LP is gained once you hit Masters. 

    With this redesign, the amount of LP lost/gained will always match. (If you win and gain 17, your opponent would lose 17). We’re still keeping an eye on the system and will adjust it further if it isn’t meeting our expectations.

    Editor’s Note: With the revised LP loss/gains in Masters, may everybody find Glory in Navori.



    Rotation is introduced with this expansion, to learn more make sure to check out our Rotation Article.



    Samira’s Grade score (the letters D~S on the corner of Samira’s card) represents Samira’s level up quest, so each time you play a card, it progresses. When you start the round with the attack token (not every round start), it resets. When Samira levels up, it will then represent progress on her ability, and will no longer reset.


    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where Priestess of Desert Light’s ability was triggering without 6 unique champions in the deck.
    • Addressed an issue where Master tier players were gaining and losing a static amount of LP each game. LP variation should be much more dynamic now. Additionally, the winner and loser will gain and lose equal amounts.
    • Fixed an LP inflation issue occurring in the top tiers of the APAC region.
    • Fixed an issue where players did not receive gauntlet rewards if they did not retire the run.
    • Fixed a few issues with VFX and SFX not playing, or playing incorrectly.
    • Cleaned up a large amount of card text, particularly for Champion quests, level up flyouts, and non-Champion cards using “I’ve seen” text.
    • Buster Shot will now properly track equipment being played for its cost reduction effect.
    • Added a reminder flyout to God-Willow Seedling to tell which unit is being copied when recalling a unit.
    • Go Get It cost reduction will now apply to Fanclub President.
    • Champions that level up while taking damage will now properly die to Disintegrate.
    • Champion spells now turn back into champions after being killed by Master Yi.
    • Dropboarder no longer remains on screen after being summoned from a Prediction and killed by Overgrown Snapvine.
    • Challenged units will now be correctly locked in place once they have been challenged, even if the Challenging unit dies.
    • Fixed an issue causing an incorrect attack to play the restart animation for a long time during the second portion of the Scouting Ahead Challenge.
    • The Elusive icon will no longer display on units that are not Elusive.
    • Trying to summon a Darkin in its Unit form will no longer force players to obliterate an ally if the back row is full and contains a Husk on the board.
    • Fated will no longer reactivate in later rounds after Fated units exit a Frozen Tomb or Stasis Statue.
    • Fixed an issue causing the title to hang when the top card of the deck has a Mysterious Portal attached.
    • In The Path of Champions, Suppression Field and Petricite’s Presence now properly alter the costs of cards.
    • In The Path of Champions, Improvise units with Shadow Totem will no longer randomly create an extra equipment in hand.
    • In The Path of Champions, Radiant Plate Armor now correctly applies the cost increase to Iula in TPOC.
    • In The Path of Champions, fixed an issue with Guardian’s Orb giving damage items to non-damage spell cards.
    • In The Path of Champions, fixed an issue where Norra’s Teacup would occasionally cause the game to freeze.