Patch 3.4.0 Notes

New Cards

We’re experimenting with a new approach to live balance this patch. In addition to the usual card updates, we’ve taken a holistic look at gameplay patterns that aren’t easily or quickly addressable by changing existing cards, so instead, we’re adding a few new cards!

This patch, we took a look at regions that lack core tools to deal with wide boards, as well as elusives, leading to one-sided matchups against that archetype, and we’ve created a new spell card for each of them to help shore up that weakness: Piltover & Zaun, Targon, and Shurima.

Card Updates

As mentioned in the new cards section, we wanted to make sure that every region had some tools to deal with the threats they might face. We also wanted to help out a couple of underutilized champions, and give some gentle adjustments to some of the decks that have been leading the metagame for a long while.

That being said, there are a few cards not being updated (yet) that we want to provide some extra context on:

  • Yordles in Arms: We work on these patches several weeks in advance, and we worked on this one earlier than usual due to our week out – Yordles in Arms wasn’t seeing nearly as much play when these changes were locked, but we’re watching it now. The new removal cards being added along with the other changes this patch should have an effect on YiA’s efficacy as well, but we’re keeping an eye on it.
  • The Bandle Tree: We have changes planned for The Bandle Tree to alleviate the lack of interactivity in its win condition, but the changes are more complex to implement, so we have that targeted for our next balance patch – 3.6.0 on April 27.

Here’s a look at each of the card updates coming in this patch:

Champions & Related Cards

Followers, Spells, and Landmarks

Gameplay UX Updates

This patch, we’re introducing the first of a suite of gameplay UX updates, which we’re colloquially referring to as “Premonition.”

In patch 3.4.0, we’re introducing the following updates, which you can see in action in the video above!

  • Nexus Health Previsualization: We’ve all been there… missing lethal or passing on block because you forgot about that pesky Dreadway or a champion leveling up after committing an attack, and you forget to check the Oracle’s Eye. With Nexus Health Previsualization, you’ll see exactly how much damage you’re dealing, or how much your Nexus is taking before it’s too late. The indicator will get a bit more emphatic if incoming damage is lethal.
  • Unit Destruction Previsualization: Just like with Nexus health, it’s easy to lose track of just how much damage a unit is taking, especially when you’re facing a 5-spell stack and Tough / Formidable units on the board. This update makes it so units will now display cracks when they’re facing lethal damage during an interaction.

We have more of these updates on the way in future patches, aimed at further improving overall game clarity & consistency, so let us know if you have feedback once the patch goes live to help us continue to shape future UX updates!


The following personalization items are available with this patch.

Champion Skins



Infernal Shen

Alternate Art + New Level-Up Animation




Infernal Kennen

Alternate Art + New Effects for Mark of the Storm



Infernal Pantheon

Alternate Art



Infernal Galio

Alternate Art



Infernal Swain

Alternate Art



Magma Chamber

Insatiable creatures seethe below the molten earth.

This board has special visual effects and music.



Infernal Poro

Who needs a furnace when you’ve got this little critter?

Guardian Personality: Warm-hearted

Hobby: Juggling fire


Infernal Gloomtooth

Found in volcanic pools, this free-spirited creature loves a good adventure.

Guardian Personality: Impulsive

Hobby: Swimming through hoops of fire


Infernal Silverwing

Don’t get him too fired up, if you value your things.

Guardian Personality: Hot-headed

Eats: Flaming worms

Card Backs


Ritual of Flames


The Infernal Remnants Bundle is available in the Store, prorated for any items you already own. Bundle includes:


  • Magma Chamber Board
  • Ritual of Flames Card Back
  • Infernal Gloomtooth Guardian
  • Infernal Silverwing Guardian

The Fiery Kin Bundle is available in the Store, prorated for any items you already own. Bundle includes:


  • Infernal Shen
  • Infernal Kennen
  • Infernal Galio
  • Infernal Pantheon
  • Infernal Swain
  • Champion cards for all of the above champions

Deck Bundles

The Unbreakable Shields Deck Bundle is available in the Store, prorated for any items you already own. Additional Details:


Protect your allies from enemy attacks with Barriers and sturdy petricite. None can stop the Formidable army!

Bundle includes a deck featuring Shen & Galio, as well as the Infernal Shen & Infernal Galio champion skins.


  • Updated the loading screen for encounters in The Path of Champions.

Bug Fixes

  • Revised an inaccurate description of Yuumi’s Level 2 ability – no functionality has changed. Previously, the description implied that she would gain +2|+2 on level-up; her level 2 stats, as well as the bonus, rather than the intended +1|+1 from the level up increasing her base stats.
  • Fixed a few crashes related to reconnecting, tutorials, and spell swapping.
  • Pantheon can now complete the Call of Destiny and Cuddle Buddies challenges.
  • Updated text descriptions for some cards to remove typos, fix translations, and better align cards with game mechanics.
  • Fixed several UI, UX, and general visual bugs to improve game clarity and player experience.
  • Dates have been corrected in the Tournament tab for A Curious Journey’s Seasonal Tournament – the correct dates are May 14 (Open Rounds) and May 21 (Playoffs).