Patch 3.16.0 Notes

Card Updates

Here’s a look at each of the card updates coming in this patch:


Editor’s Note: A Small peek behind the curtains! Our designers are working until the last wire tuning things to ensure we hit the meta with the strongest swing possible, as such, sometimes they don’t make it on the image in time! TLDR: Illaoi and Ornn are on the buff list and Targon’s Peak is also on the nerf list.

Champions & Related Card Buffs


Variety Card Buffs


Champion Skins



Corrupted Zoe

Alternate Art, Unique Level-Up Animation



Rugged Garen

Alternate Art, Unique Level-Up Animation

Editor’s Note: No Nudyr Skin? sadge.



  • Mark of the Storm has escaped captivity, and will be live as of these patch notes with the rest of the balance changes dropping on Wednesday as normally scheduled.
  • Leona’s Path of Champions level up reward has been updated in light of her changes.



The Darkin Saga: Domination does not contain a Seasonal Tournament, instead worlds will be right around the corner. The Awakening Seasonal Tournament will be the last chance to qualify for Worlds, and invites will be extended to the Top 8! If you still haven’t nabbed your spot, start training now!

Additionally, many players are eager to hear more about Worlds. We will release an article within the upcoming weeks with the first wave of details!


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash caused when equipping a unit with Darkin Harpoon when that unit is already equipped
  • Fixed a bug with Kayn’s origin
  • Fixed a crash attributed to Previsualization
  • Fixed an issue with Hidden Pathways’ cost reduction and choice cards
  • Fixed an issue with choice cards being discounted twice in PoC
  • Fixed a bug with Sharesies incorrectly referring to equipped allies instead of attachment
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to buff a darkin unit in hand
  • Fixed a bug with Greenglade Caretaker and Ki Guardian’s interaction
  • Fixed an issue with glorious evolution and choice cards
  • Fixed an issue with Darkness in mirror matchups incorrectly showing the amount of damage dealt
  • Fixed an issue with Boomship and Sanctum Conservator’s interaction
  • Fixed an issue with Evolve not counting for units taken from opponent
  • Fixed an issue with Champions not gaining level up progress when overflowing
  • Fixed multiple issues with activating effects for cards in overflow in backrow
  • Fixed a bug with Attach units’ card fan
  • Removed plunder from Powder Pandemonium
  • Fixed an issue where playing 2 burst spells that create cards in a row would sometimes cause one of the created cards to not be played correctly
  • Fixed a bug where certain cards were not allowed in decks for the Lab “Welcome to the Jungle.”