Patch 2.7.0 Notes

New Expansion – Guardians of the Ancient

Get ready to choose your fate in Legends of Runeterra’s newest expansion, Guardians of the Ancient! This expansion introduces a new keyword – Blade Dance – which can turn the tide of battle in your favor at any time, even without an attack token. Guardians of the Ancient adds 42 collectible cards, including three new champions – Zilean, Malphite, and Irelia.

Get it all when Guardians of the Ancient arrives in patch 2.7.0, which will be playable at approximately 11AM PT, May 5.

New Cards

Over the past week, we’ve been steadily revealing all of the cards being introduced in Guardians of the Ancient, with Irelia cutting in for the final reveal earlier today. You can head to one of the galleries below to check out the full list:

New Keyword – Blade Dance

Irelia, The Blade Dancer herself has graced the battlegrounds of Legends of Runeterra, and with her comes a new keyword – Blade Dance. Cards with Blade Dance summon a number of Blades, which immediately begin a Free Attack against your opponent. Blade Dance attacks can take place with or without an Attack Token, and doesn’t consume the Attack Token when it happens. A single Blade may not look like much on its own, but you shouldn’t underestimate the combo potential of such a versatile tool.


New Challenges

Two new challenges have been added to prepare for the new Landmark synergies and Blade Dance keyword introduced in Guardians of the Ancient.

Card Updates

Nasus Thresh decks have been thriving and consistently surpassing our win rate (55%) and play rate (15%) thresholds for what we’d consider healthy. We’re making small changes to the Shadow Isles portions of the deck that have continued to cause meta problems. For now, while Nasus is a clear powerhouse for the deck, we want to leave the power of Shurima intact. We are watchlisting Nasus so we can continue to monitor his performance while investigating potential changes to him in the future if he continues to overperform.

Followers & Spells

Region Road Updates

Shurima (along with Targon and Ionia) just got a little more vast.

  • Shurima, Targon, and Ionia’s Region Roads have been extended by 4 levels each to coincide with the release of their new champions.




The Time Temple

For legends who take fate into their own hands. 

This board has special visual effects and music.




The most popular companion for legends with allergies.

Personality: Grounded

Best Friend: Malphite


Chrono Chip

Careful. If he wags his tail too hard, he could send us back to the Great Darkin War.

Personality: Punctual

Enjoys: Countdowns

Card Backs


The Chronokeeper

For legends who take fate into their own hands.



Back Away Slowly

Your reputation will recover… eventually.


Try to Keep Up

Almost got me. Almost.




Dedication to Shurima.


The Guardians of the Ancient bundle is available in the Store for 1807 coins. Bundle includes:


  • Chip Guardian
  • Time Temple Board
  • Exclusive Chrono-Chip Variant

Deck Bundles

The Sand & Steel Deck Bundle, featuring the overwhelming might of Irelia & Azir, is available in the Store for 2106 Coins, prorated for any cards you already own:



Guardians of the Ancient champions, spells, and followers have been added to Expeditions.


  • Mushrooms now do aggregated damage all at once when drawn together, rather than taking 1 damage X times, with X = the number of mushrooms drawn at once.
  • Cards created by Concurrent Timelines now inherit Prismatic effects.
  • Effects for Rally and Round Start have been improved.
  • In patch 2.9.0 (June 2), Cross-Shard Friend Challenge will no longer be supported. As LoR continues to grow, we’re beginning to run up against challenges caused by degraded tech. Cross-Shard Friend Challenge is one of our main culprits, and it’s currently taking resources that we need to develop some of LoR’s most exciting features planned for further along in the pipeline. We’ll have more information on social features for LoR in the future, but for now, we just wanted to provide an early heads up for players and community organizations that make use of the feature.


  • Fixed a visual bug where the first win of the day would show Sun Discs as part of the rewards.
  • The Player Profile screen has been resized to display properly on mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue with Mushrooms not being counted for certain Nexus damage effects in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile preventing players from viewing a card’s related cards while Invoking, Predicting, or choosing between choice cards.
  • Katarina level 2 should now correctly play her custom Rally visual effect.
  • Units marked by Kindred should now display context text when hovered over.
  • Heimerdinger’s turrets’ cost reduction now correctly expires after the round it was created.
  • Khahiri the Student no longer incorrectly considers Stalking Shadows as a Prediction.
  • Calculated Creations under any cost-changing effect will no longer incorrectly indicate said cost changes to the choice cards presented.
  • Loaded Dice should now correctly play its visual effect when played.
  • Several improvements to text across the game in our continued effort for text consistency.