Patch 2.21.0 Notes

New Expansion – Magic Misadventures

Part Two of Ava’s adventure leads her through the enchanted forests of Ionia, where unseen dangers—and unlikely friends—lurk in the shadows.

See what awaits in Magic Misadventures – 43 new collectible cards, including four new champions – Ahri, Kennen, Rumble, and Patheon, new keywords, and a whole lot of magic!

Magic Misadventures arrives in patch 2.21.0, which will be playable at approximately 11AM PT on December 8.

New Cards

Over the past week, we’ve been revealing all of the cards being added in Magic Misadventures. Head to one of the galleries below to get the full list of new cards, and start your theorycrafting!

Fated Keyword & Mecha-Yordles

It wouldn’t be a complete [mis]adventure without a few new discoveries along the way!


Fated is a new keyword being introduced in Magic Misadventures – Fated units are granted +1|+1 when an ally card targets them for the first time each round.

Mecha-Yordles are a new card subtype generally made up of non-collectible created cards (with a few exceptions). Best suited for adaptable decks & playstyles, these heavy metal Yordles can bring some extra firepower to your board when you need it!

New Challenges, Quests, and AI Decks

New Challenges and Quests have been added to introduce the keywords, archetypes, and champions being added in Magic Misadventures. Additional AI decks featuring cards added in the expansion have also been added to the Vs. AI opponent pool.

The Path of Champions Updates

New champions, balance changes, and bugfixes are coming to The Path of Champions this patch!

  • New champions: Ahri, Kennen, and Teemo
  • If a player loses their run in the first two battles, they will now see three starting Powers rather than just Unstable Manaflow:
    • Unstable Manaflow: Grants +1 mana gem for the first 3 battles of the run
    • Vitality: Grants +10 max nexus health
    • Flexible Gameplan: Grants Game start: Draw 2
  • Wealth score is now based on current gold at the end of run rather than total earned gold
  • Assorted minor encounter fixes and balance adjustments

Card Updates

Our next major set of card updates is scheduled for our next patch – 3.0.0 on January 5, but leading up to then, we have a couple of changes aimed at reducing the power of a few overperformers alongside the release of Magic Misadventures.


Region Road Updates

  • Region Roads for Ionia, Bandle City, and Targon have been extended.


The following personalization items are available with this patch.

Champion Skins



Santa Braum

This skin features alternate art, a unique level up animation, and a special Poro surprise when Santa Braum survives an attack.



Winter Queen Ahri

Alternate Art



Earnest Elf Tristana

This skin features alternate card art. This skin can not be purchased from the Store – to get this skin, purchase at least one Coin Package between December 8th, 2021 and January 5th, 2022.



Vastayan Glade

Rest for the wandering soul.

This board has special visual effects and music.

Card Backs


The Nine-Tailed Fox


Vastaya Spirit


Bandle City




“Works like a charm.”


Too Funny

“You’re adorable when you’re angry.”

Deck Bundles

  • The Elusive Elements Bundle is available in the Store for 4721 Coins, prorated for any items you already own. Additional Details:


Playtime’s over. Master the elements with Ahri and Kennen to slip past the enemy and hit where it hurts. Bundle includes a deck featuring Ahri and Kennen, as well as:

  • Vastayan Glade board
  • Winter Queen Ahri skin
  • Heartbreaker emote
  • Nine-Tailed Fox card back
  • Nine-Tailed Fox icon


  • New archetypes, champions, and cards from Magic Misadventures have been added to Expeditions.



  • The ranked season for Between Worlds has concluded, and Magic Misadventures is underway! Collect your ranked rewards depending on your performance, including an exclusive Between Worlds icon from the previous season in the Loot popup on the home screen.


  • Fixed an issue where Jinx was not leveling up or creating a Super Mega Death Rocket! in hand when Bandle Painter discards the final card in hand.
  • Lowered the volume on Redfin Hammersnout’s SFX.
  • Fixed a bug where the Nexus would take damage before Vi’s special attack animation was complete.
  • Updated several cards’ targeting parameters to align with current design standards (i.e. some cards that could previously only deal damage to enemies can now target any unit, including allies).
  • Fixed a bug where Most Wanted’s text would occasionally go off the screen.
  • Fixed a visual bug associated with Trevor Snoozebottom’s Mumblesprite.