Patch 1.8 Notes: Call of the Mountain

The Call of the Mountain expansion arrives with a new region—Targon—as well as 89 collectible cards, 7 champions, and a variety of new features & content across the game. Try out new champions and strategies in the Discover Targon Lab, or pioneer your own path upon the mountain.

Call of the Mountain arrives with Patch 1.8, which will be playable at approximately 11 AM PT, August 26. 


New Expansion: Call of the Mountain

Call of the Mountain marks the start of LoR’s new bimonthly card release cadence, kicking off a three-expansion set exploring the new region of Targon. In addition to the new region, Call of the Mountain features 89 collectible cards, including 7 champions, as well as a variety of new features & content across the game.


New Region: Targon

On this towering mountain, cosmic beings lend their might to mortals. Astral dragons soar beyond the sky. Tribes of the faithful devote themselves to the sun and moon.

Playing Targon endows you with the ability to raise your units to new heights. You win by reaching the apex of your power and confronting enemies with awesome force. Align yourself with the celestial, and the stars themselves will ordain your victory.


New Cards

Call of the Mountain features 51 collectible cards from Targon, including the champions Leona, Diana, Aurelion Sol, and Taric. The remaining 38 cards are spread across the existing regions, with a focus on Freljord, Ionia, and Shadow Isles, and their new champions—Trundle, Lulu, and Nocturne.

The next two expansions will follow in October and December, each featuring 40 collectible cards, including 3 champions. By the time the third expansion is released and the Call of the Mountain set is complete, all regions (including Targon) will have an equal share of champions and near-equal share of other cards.

We’ve revealed the cards of Call of the Mountain over the last few weeks, but starting today you can head to one of the sites below and see the full roster of new cards in Targon and Call of the Mountain!


Region Road Updates

Targon joins the regions of Runeterra with its own Region Road, and the roads for Freljord, Ionia, and Shadow Isles have been extended so you can pursue all the new Champions and cards in Call of the Mountain.

  • Targon Region Road added, featuring 20 levels.
    • Note: The Targon regional card back will arrive with the October expansion.
  • Freljord, Ionia, and Shadow Isles Region Roads extended from 25 to 29 levels.
    • New levels for existing regions will only drop Call of the Mountain cards (until you unlock them all).
  • From Patch 1.8, Levels 1-25 on all existing roads can now drop Call of the Mountain cards (and levels added in Rising Tides are no longer anchored to Rising Tides cards).
  • Bilgewater’s Region Road now benefits from the XP Boost Level system—earn extra XP towards completing early Region Road levels.
    • From Patch 1.8, the first 12 levels on the Bilgewater road will multiply XP applied toward them by 50% (same as other existing regions).
    • System will continue be adjusted over time—for example, to include Targon levels, or to advance further down Region Roads with future releases.


New Lab: Discover Targon


In this preconstructed Lab, choose one of 6 decks packed with new cards and strategies from Targon!

  • Friends Forever: Bring your Support units to the fore as you overcome your foes with the power of friendship!
  • Crystalline Strength: Combine Noxian forces with Targonian buffs to Overwhelm your enemies and secure victory.
  • Blaze Of Glory: Dazzle your opponent with an unrelenting assault from your Daybreak units.
  • Align The Stars: Unleash the power of Targon’s Dragons and Celestial units as you find your destiny in the stars.
  • Lurking Darkness: Evade and outmaneuver your opponents with the power of Nightfall.
  • Star Ramp: Harness the Freljord’s natural magic as you accelerate towards Targon’s game-ending threats!


Dev Notes: Balance in Call of the Mountain

Now that we’ll be releasing cards every two months, we also need to adjust the way we approach balance updates over time. Our goal remains monthly updates to keep the game healthy and balanced, but we also want new card content to be at the forefront when released. We want to focus the bulk of our live design attention on updates around the mid-way point between expansions, with more minor adjustments around when we release new cards.

In that spirit, we’re making a few smaller changes with this patch, in part to test out what those smaller updates may look like. After this one, the next patch won’t be landing for three weeks rather than the usual two (details under Miscellaneous below), so we’re spreading our upcoming balance efforts across both of the next two patches. This will help ensure more flexibility with adjustments after Call of the Mountain’s release and provide cleaner windows to make any follow-up tweaks.

Where possible, we’d also like to continue providing previews of what we’re working on for upcoming patches, and in the case of 1.10 and 1.11 (things may shift between them), a few of those things include:

  • A major update for Lee Sin, giving him more options for synergies and allowing him to come online and impact the game earlier in a match.
  • Adjustments to the difficulty of Ezreal’s level-up quest.
  • Adjustments to Yordle Grifter’s allegiance effect.

But all that’s in the future, so for now we hope you enjoy the updates below and the rest of Call of the Mountain!

    – RubinZoo, Live Design Lead


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