Patch 1.13 Notes

Patch 1.13 brings with it our latest in-game event—more details tomorrow—and balance updates for Lee Sin and Make it Rain.

New Event

A new in-game event kicks off with tomorrow’s patch, complete with a new Lab, event pass, cosmetics, and much more. Look for a trailer and explainer article with MORE event details at 10 AM PT, October 28 (tomorrow).

Card Updates

As we mentioned last patch, we’re using Patch 1.13 to implement a Lee Sin change we’ve been working on and would like to get out the door immediately (along with a nerf to Make it Rain aimed at Bilgewater’s general strength), while Patch 1.14 in two weeks will be one of our larger mid-expansion balance updates. Those changes will focus mostly on small improvements to several Foundations set Champions, as well as some nerfs aimed at ensuring metagame health in the lead up to the first Seasonal Tournament in December.

  • RubinZoo, Live Design Lead