Patch 1.12 Notes: Monuments of Power

The Call of the Mountain set continues with a new expansion: Monuments of Power! This expansion brings with it new Champions and cards, but also a new card type—Landmarks—as well as region road extensions, new personalization content, and much more. Try out Landmarks in a new Lab (A Landmark Occasion), or discover for yourself what lies within Monuments of Power.

New Expansion: Monuments of Power

Monuments of Power features 40 collectible cards, including 3 champions—Shyvana, Soraka, and Tahm Kench—as well as a variety of new features and content across the game. The expansion also features a brand new card type—Landmarks—that represent powerful locations in Runeterra and boast unique, game-changing abilities.

Monuments of Power is part of the Call of the Mountain set, with one more expansion to follow in December. By the time the third expansion is released and the Call of the Mountain set is complete, all regions (including Targon) will have an equal share of champions and near-equal share of other cards.

We’ve revealed the cards of Monuments of Power on LoR’s social channels over the last few weeks, but starting today we’ve made the card data available through the Riot Games API, so look for them to show up soon on your favorite community sites!

Seasonal Tournaments

As lead developers Jeff Jew and Andrew Yip previewed at the start of spoiler season for Monuments of Power, this expansion also marks the debut of Seasonal Tournaments—look for a dedicated video and FAQ at 9 AM PT on October 15th.

Region Road Updates

The Region Roads for Targon, Bilgewater, and Demacia have been extended so you can pursue all the new Champions and cards in Monuments of Power.

  • Targon road extended from 20 to 25 levels.
    • Players can now obtain the free Targon regional card back by reaching the end of the Targon road.
  • Bilgewater and Demacia roads extended from 25 to 29 levels.
    • The new levels for these regions will only drop Call of the Mountain cards (both expansions), until you unlock them all.
  • The road levels added to Freljord and Shadow Isles last expansion (25-29) are no longer anchored to Call of the Mountain cards (i.e., they can now drop anything).

Card Updates

With the upcoming debut of Seasonal Tournaments, we’re expecting to slightly evolve our existing approach to Live Design. Generally, we aim to promote metagame diversity with a greater emphasis on buffs than nerfs; while this philosophy will remain intact, we plan to be a bit more careful about maintaining stability in the metagame, especially as we approach the end of each season.

In terms of cadence, we plan to continue making the most (and most impactful) balance changes midway between expansions, with more limited (usually numbers-based) adjustments made at the same time we release expansions. That said, we’ll still occasionally make changes outside of our usual monthly cadence —for example, in Patch 1.13 we’re planning to make some adjustments to Lee Sin. Our changes for Patch 1.14 (one month from now) are still coming together, but I can say we’re planning to focus heavily on Champions to make sure they’re in a good spot leading up to the end of the Monuments of Power season.

– RubinZoo, Live Design Lead