Norra: A Yordle’s Journey

Although the Darkin are invading Runeterra, not all is doom and gloom. In Realm’s End, the yordle enchantress Norra is busily befriending eccentric entities and discovering hidden wonders—all while on her epic journey to return to her feline friend. 

Eagle-eyed lore archivists may already recognize the name Norra! Yuumi, the cat we all know and love, was once her familiar—until Norra mysteriously disappeared. After Norra vanished, Yuumi became the Keeper of the sentient Book of Thresholds. Now, she uses portals in its pages to search for her long-lost master.

You may be wondering: how in Runeterra did Norra get lost? Well, she dared to journey beyond the last page of the Book of Thresholds and was thrown into a strange and distant realm. Her followers are the beings she encounters in her journey through Realm’s End—benevolent new friends helping Norra find the right portal home. 

My my, have we piqued your interest? Careful now—you know what they say about curiosity… Well, nevermind that! Shall we take a gander at Norra’s lost pages and learn about the denizens of Realm’s End? 

Gaspar, the Caretaker

“Gaspar was the first yordle to arrive in Realm’s End. For many years, he wandered alone amidst the twisting paths and portals that all seemed to lead nowhere. Having decided that no one should ever have to do the same, he now helps other lost travelers find their way home.”

Ashane, The Teamaker

“Ashane was once a renowned tea maker before finding herself lost in Realm’s End. While experimenting with new flavors, an unfortunate blend of two leaves had put her into a deep sleep—she dreamed strange dreams about odd creatures and impossible structures, silhouetted against an endless horizon. But upon waking, she discovered it had been no dream at all..”

Living Library

“Considering it his duty to possess immense knowledge, he collects tomes from various travelers who have passed through Realm’s End. Unfortunately, all of this knowledge appears to have gone to his head.”

Junk Construct

“He’d only been born the day before, but Marv—as Norra affectionately called him—took great pride in serving as her assistant. However, he sternly insisted on being referred to as “junk” and not “trash”, as the latter held a negative connotation.”