New Expansion: Guardians of the Ancient – Trailer and Reveal Schedule

Empires rise, and empires fall. Time marches ever forward towards an inevitable fate… or does it?

Guardians of the Ancient, the next expansion for the Empires of the Ascended set, challenges that notion. If you don’t like your fate, just pick a new one!

Guardians of the Ancient introduces 42 new collectible cards, including 3 new champions. Stay tuned to LoR’s social pages for new reveals every day at 9:00AM PT, all the way up to the release of the expansion on May 5 with Patch 2.7.0.

We’re also continuing our community site collaboration from the Empires of the Ascended season! To get full details on each day’s reveals, keep an eye on Mobalytics and Dak.GG over the coming weeks.

Finally, here’s a first look at just a few of the cards coming in Guardians of the Ancient; each one an invaluable partner to the new champions coming in the expansion:

Remember, fate is what you make of it; see you tomorrow for the first champion reveal of Guardians of the Ancient!