Magic Misadventures – Trailer and Reveal Schedule

Part Two of Ava’s adventure leads her through the enchanted forests of Ionia, where unseen dangers—and unlikely friends—lurk in the shadows.

See what awaits in Magic Misadventures – 43 new collectible cards, new keywords, and a whole lot of magic!

Adventure over to LoR’s social pages over the next week for new reveals every day at 9:00AM PT, up until the release of Magic Misadventures in Patch 2.21.0 on December 8.

There are quite a few cards, champions, keywords, and more to discover over the next week – be sure to get full details on all of the new cards on Mobalytics and after each day’s reveals!

Here’s a first look at some new cards coming in Magic Misadventures, including the introduction of some of the hardest workers on the Rift, the humble Minion!


Yordle Captain


Join Ada and continue your own [mis]adventure through Runeterra when Magic Misadventures releases on December 8!