Legends of Runererra is Open Beta now!

Lets see what LOR developers prepared for us in Open Beta.

For a more visual take on what’s arriving with the open beta (including some adorable guardian animations), check out our open beta announcement video:


Since last year’s preview patches, we’ve reset all account progression (for the last time!) and made a variety of wide-ranging changes to LoR’s overall economy, impacting everything from the relative cost of coins to how much experience you’ll receive from wins. These changes deserve an article of their own—check it out for all the background and details. If you’re new to LoR or just want the tl;dr, here’s the short(er) version:

  • All account progression and content from the preview patches has been reset. There will be no further account resets—anything you earn once the open beta starts is yours to keep!
  • We’ve updated coin price points and purchasing power, mostly to align with price point standards on the Play Store and the App Store. During the preview patches, we used League of Legends’ RP price points as placeholders, but with LoR’s launch on mobile coming later this year, we needed to establish our own pricing structure. In designing that structure, we also reviewed regional pricing comparisons (particularly between countries on the same shard), which means the degree of these changes varies quite a bit depending on your local currency—some will see relatively similar prices (e.g., US dollar, Euro), while others will see relatively higher prices (e.g., Turkish lira, Brazilian real) or relatively lower (e.g., Japanese yen).
    • An important note: If you purchased coins during the preview patches, we’ve reset any content you purchased with Coins and returned that value back to your coin balance. Your exact number of Coins has changed, but we’ve made sure you’ll have at least as much purchasing power as you did before (i.e. prices have changed too).
  • We’ve adjusted Shard values and rewards to preserve the 10:1 ratio between Shard and Coin costs for content, as well as make some minor tweaks to relative shard values (e.g., Rare & Epic 4th copies are worth a bit more, Common 4th copies a bit less).
  • We’ve adjusted content prices in Shards & Coins to align with the above changes, though again there’s some minor variation (e.g., Common Wildcards are relatively cheaper, Epic Wildcards relatively more expensive).
  • Vault, Expedition, Prologue, and general chest rewards have all been updated. Much of this is tied to the above changes, but we’re also aiming to make Expeditions more accessible for everyone by adding an Expedition Token to level 10 Vaults and making Shards a greater proportion of the rewards you get from your Expeditions.
  • We’ve updated XP rewards to help you make progress without the grind—you’ll now earn bonus XP for your first few wins of the day and get more XP from losses, while XP gains will now tail off as you reach many hours of LoR in a given day.


From the start, our goal was to create a card game with enough strategic depth and interaction to support skilled competition. Now it’s time to see where you stand among the best players in Runeterra: the open beta is bringing Ranked mode to LoR.

Your rise through the ranks starts with the Beta Season, which will last until launch. At the end of the season, you’ll earn a Beta Season-exclusive icon based on your highest tier reached to commemorate your first climb in Ranked LoR.

  • Ranked mode enabled.
  • Beta Season (LoR’s first ranked season) begins with the open beta.


Being in a totally open beta means you need to see who’s online and available to crush available to play. Check out the new social panel which features your friends list, friend chat, and the ability to challenge a friend to a match.

As a note, you can friend and chat with anyone on all three current LoR shards (Americas, Asia, and Europe), though challenges are within-shard only. LoR’s friends list & chat are built on a different service than challenge, and are shared between our games (i.e., with LoL), while challenge & matchmaking is game-specific. While we’ve made specific improvements to support cross-shard friends & chat, LoR does still have distinct shards (though fewer, bigger ones than LoL), which means separate challenge & matchmaking pools.

  • Friends list added.
    • Includes cross-game presence—see whether your friends are playing LoL or LoR.
  • Friend chat added.
  • Friend challenge added.
  • The social panel is still a bit work-in-progress, so expect some wonkiness at first. Here are some of the more notable known issues we’re planning to fix with our next release in two weeks:
    • Players may see delays when adding or removing names from the block list.
    • Players won’t receive unread notifications for messages received while offline.
    • New message notifications aren’t correctly dismissed at first for active conversations, but will be after a short delay.
    • The client may occasionally become unresponsive when receiving or accepting a challenge invite while performing other in-client actions (opening rewards, entering Expeditions, etc.). Relog to fix.


We’ve added a new Collections tab where you can completely personalize your gameplay experience. To start, you can check out the first new boards (one for each current region) and guardians (three more to join the original Poro). There’s a ton more to come in the future, and you’ll be able to collect, select, and swap it all right here.

  • Collections tab added—unlock and manage your boards & guardians here.
  • Loadout functionality for boards and guardians added to all modes.
  • 6 new region-inspired boards
    • Hall of Valor
    • Reckoners Arena
    • Iceborn Peak
    • Clifftop Monastery
    • Hextech Lab
    • Cursed Ruins
  • 3 new guardians
    • T-Hex
    • Gromp Jr.
    • Scaled Snapper