How to make Video for Game Streaming Platforms: Best Practices

The advent of the internet has made many things possible. People online have found creative ways to create content that the general public can relate to. Video games have been played around the world for a long time. 

The 21st century has made it possible for players to stream their games. Statistics show that over 62% of people between the age of 18 – 24 watch live streams either regularly or now and then. Streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch allow these streamers to post their content for a general audience. 

The truth is, anybody can become a live game streamer. If you want to know how to start streaming on pc or MacBook, you should read this article to the end.

Start with a Good Network Connection

It would be a bomber to get interrupted by a bad network halfway through a stream. New streamers should ensure that they have a constant internet connection that is strong enough before starting any stream. Broadband, wireless connection, or fiber optics can be used; just ensure that whatever you choose is fast enough to ensure you do not get interrupted during a stream. Experts recommend that new streamers have a network speed of at least 3 – 6 Mbps. If the platform uses kilobits per second, you must aim for at least 3000 – 6000 kilobits per second. 

The right internet speed ensures that you enjoy the following: 

  • Consistent connection 
  • High-definition streams 

Make Your Content Easy and Accessible

You should ensure that your content is easy to access and understand by your audience. Ensure you know how to convert video to gif so that you can make your content more fun and interactive. You should also choose certain games and build an audience around those games. Choose the right items to highlight in your streams. Do not be ideal; show games you win and those you lose. This will make you more realistic and genuine. 

Light is Important

You should know that video streaming, or any form of streaming at all, requires good light. Viewers should not have to squint their eyes to see what is on their screens. You should ensure that you have a good source of light. Your light setup should include the following: 

  • Key Light: You should have a primary source of light. This should be placed strategically to allow the audience to see your face properly. Your setup should Always be clean. Have a table that is well arranged, you could use white light to make everything crystal, or you could use something cool and warm. 
  • Background light: If your face looks bright and cool, you should ensure that your background is naturally lit, looking all within the frame. Unless you stream chiller and horror games, you should use yellow lighting or sometimes amber to show your gaming space. 

Always use the Best Webcam

The best webcam will allow you to connect more with your audience. To stream with something that allows you to offer HD feeds, something with at least 720p or 1080p should do the trick. You can go for brands like: 

  • Razer 
  • Logitech  
  • Elgato 
  • Dell 

You should consider features like autofocus, depth, remote control options, high clarity in low light, etc. The webcam’s quality will determine your feeds’ quality, so ensure to go for the best. 

Once You Get a Camera, Get a Quality Microphone 

You will need your audience to be immersed in the gaming experience. This means that you have to recognize that gaming is an audio-visual activity. You need to invest as much in a good camera as in a microphone. Your audience should be engaged in the gaming experience through good sound. Get devices for zero latency, mix control, and mute censor. If you are concerned about speakers, you should play games with headphones. 

Game with the most fantastic software 

If you want to set yourself apart and make your stream the best, you should go for some software that will allow you to stream easily. Go for stream and local encoding software, proper webcam support, and an interface to draw viewers’ attention. This will improve audience engagement. Some of the best software in the game include: 

  • OBS 
  • Gamecaster 
  • OWN3D pro 
  • XSplit Broadcaster 

Final Thought 

Streamers have the responsibility of engaging their audience in an immersive gaming experience. Choosing the right game to stream is half the job because you must go the extra steps to maintain your audience’s attention. You must ensure that your streams are unique and distinct from others. Invest in your gaming gadgets and gaming space because it will help you in the long run. 

Make sure your content is relatable. Have Moderators and always be consistent. Make your app cooler with extensions and apps. Know that the audience is part of the gaming experience, so interact with them. These are the best practices any game streamer can adopt. Now that you are well-versed in how to stream gaming, you can go out there and be the best.