Coming in Patch 2.3.0 – United Front 2v2 PvP Lab

Get a look at United Front PvP – Legends of Runeterra’s first Social Lab – a new way to play with your friends, and even make new ones:

Heimerdinger has taken another crack at his United Front Lab, upgrading it to a 2v2 PvP tag-team battle!

Just like in United Front PvE, each player is offered a champion at the start of the game, which determines the deck they’ll bring into battle, but they share a board & units, and must work together in order to achieve victory!

You can queue with either a friend or random partner, but regardless of your recruitment strategy, communication is essential to optimize your plays. Use the experimental P.I.N.G. system by dragging special social emotes onto the board to suggest attackers, blockers, send a friendly fistbump, and more!

As mentioned above, United Front PvP is only our first foray into Social Labs. Like Lab of Legends, it explores a style of gameplay that we’re interested in experimenting with and exploring more as Legends of Runeterra’s development continues. Let us know how you like it (and show off some of your slickest team plays), and keep an eye out for even more Social Labs coming throughout 2021!