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Latest News

Rotation in Legends of Runeterra

Hi everyone, it’s Dave again! During the last AMA, a lot of players had questions about how we’ll be handling Rotation, so we wanted to follow up with more information about Rotation in Legends of Runeterra, especially the rationale behind it and why now. I’ll [ more...]

Patch 3.16.0 Notes

Card Updates Here’s a look at each of the card updates coming in this patch: Editor’s Note: A Small peek behind the curtains! Our designers are working until the last wire tuning things to ensure we hit the meta with the strongest swing possible, as [ more...]

Bringing Champions to Life in LoR

Runeterran Truths Legends of Runeterra expands on the previously unobserved world of Runeterra. We’re shaped by the foundation of League of Legends champions, but we take things a step further by developing the world that surrounds them. We want to give you a taste of [ more...]

Patch 3.15.0 Notes

The Darkin have awakened, casting their dark shadow across all of Runeterra… But we must carry on, and carry on we shall! Even with the encroaching darkness we are here to dutifully squash bugs. Check out the contents of Patch 3.15 below! Miscellaneous Here is [ more...]

Norra: A Yordle’s Journey

Although the Darkin are invading Runeterra, not all is doom and gloom. In Realm’s End, the yordle enchantress Norra is busily befriending eccentric entities and discovering hidden wonders—all while on her epic journey to return to her feline friend.  Eagle-eyed lore archivists may already recognize [ more...]

New Expansion: Awakening

Arise, and let the bitter conflict begin.

Patch 3.14.0 Notes

New Expansion- The Darkin Saga: Awakening “WIll you prove worthy?” Mwahahahahah! Awakening is the first chapter of The Darkin Saga. In this expansion we are introducing five new champions, a new card type, and the Corrupted Event. If you’re ready to open a new chapter [ more...]

Ornn Reveal | New Champion

Ornn and his hammer get to work.

Jax Reveal | New Champion

Jax carries the last light.