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Magic Misadventures – Trailer and Reveal Schedule

Part Two of Ava’s adventure leads her through the enchanted forests of Ionia, where unseen dangers—and unlikely friends—lurk in the shadows. See what awaits in Magic Misadventures – 43 new collectible cards, new keywords, and a whole lot of magic! Adventure over to LoR’s social pages over the next week for new reveals every day at [ more...]

Patch 2.20.0 Notes

Personalization The following personalization items will be available in the Store with the exception of The Ruined Crown icon, which will be available for free when players log in any time between the release of patch 2.20.0 and the end of the year. Guardians Ruined Gentleman Basilisk Distinguished AND dangerous? Get yourself a guardian who [ more...]

Event Overview: The Path of Champions

Gear up for the adventure of your life. The path to progress awaits! Previously known only as the mysterious Mega Event Pass, The Path of Champions Event Pass arrives today with patch 2.19.0! While this is our largest Event Pass yet, with a total of 35 rewards to collect, it should take the same amount [ more...]

Patch 2.19.0 Notes

New Game Mode – The Path of Champions The Path of Champions is Legends of Runeterra’s brand new PvE adventure mode coming in patch 2.19.0 on November 10 at 10AM~ PT. Travel across Runeterra as one of your favorite champions, conquer unique encounters, earn and equip powerful Relics, recruit allies, and upgrade your champion like [ more...]

Patch 2.18.0 Notes

This patch kicks off the Between Worlds ranked season, and with it comes a major update on live balance, a variety of card updates, and some quality of life changes & bug fixes. Let’s get to it! An Update on Card Updates As promised back at the launch of Beyond the Bandlewood, we’ve got quite [ more...]

Patch 2.17.0 Notes

Wake up, grab a piece of toast and get ready to dash, because class is in session; Battle Academia has arrived in Legends of Runeterra! Personalization The following items are being added to the Store. Champion Skins Battle Academia Lux Alternate art + Level-up Animation Battle Academia Ezreal Alternate art Battle Academia Poppy Alternate art [ more...]

Patch 2.16.0 Notes

Personalization Teemo and Fizz have had their original art added to the Store as free skins! Please note, because these skins are offered in a bundle that includes 3 copies of the champion, the price of the bundle will be shown as 300 Coins if you do not own 3 copies of either Teemo or [ more...]

Patch 2.15.0 Notes

Card Updates Note – the card updates below were previously applied in a hotfix; no additional updates are being made, we’re just providing a bit of retroactive context behind the changes. Since the launch of Beyond the Bandlewood, we’re seeing an incredible amount of variety types of decks people are playing. That is awesome, and [ more...]

Event Overview: Beyond the Bandlewood

From the icy Freljord, to the seedy shores of Bilgewater, to the peaks of Targon, the vast deserts of Shurima, and everything in between – there’s a lot to see in Runeterra. Now, are you ready to explore what lies… Beyond the Bandlewood? Find your way with the Beyond the Bandlewood event, starting today alongside [ more...]