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Legends of Runeterra Betting Guide

The acclaimed Legends of Runeterra – commonly shortened to LOR – is a multiplayer trading card sensation for esports enthusiasts. Its top-tier events and battles make it a great choice to hedge your wagers on via a number of legal betting websites. Our Legends of [ more...]

Patch 4.4.0 Notes

Welcome to Patch 4.4! This is our first Standard focused Balance Patch. We’re targeting some of the strongest Meta decks and are giving a little love to some decks and archetypes that are coming in just a little under. Patch 4.4 will be live on [ more...]

The Community Card Kitchen Is Open!

Hello Legends of Runeterra community! If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at designing a card for this game we love, now’s your chance. We are teaming up with all of you to create a brand new card that will be fully realized and [ more...]

Rotated Cards – March 2023

Here is the current list of cards that are currently unique to the Eternal format as of March 29th, 2023. Eternal is a format where all cards are available to play. The cards listed below are unavailable in the Standard format. Learn more about the [ more...]

Patch 4.3.0 Notes

New Expansion: Glory in Navori “I don’t work. I slay.” Challengers from all over Runeterra have come to answer the one question: Can they find Glory in Navori? In this expansion we are introducing three new champions and the Dragonmancer Event. It doesn’t stop there, [ more...]

Rotation is Here

You’ve heard right – the new Standard and Eternal formats have come to Legends of Runeterra! For those seeking the ultimate test of their skills, look no further than Standard – a format carefully curated with a select group of cards. With a smaller card [ more...]

Jack Reveal | New Champion

“Can’t be king without breaking a few bones…”

Samira Reveal | New Champion

“Take the shot, or lose the chance.”

Sett Reveal | New Champion

“I’m the Boss. That’s all there is to it.”