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Sett Reveal | New Champion

“I’m the Boss. That’s all there is to it.”

Top RIOT Tournaments for 2023

Numerous well-known and obscure video games from numerous genres are played in esports. There is Counter-Strike: Global: Offensive for you if you enjoy shooters. PUBG and Fortnite are here to help if you prefer battle royales of epic proportions. The NBA 2K eLeague was created [ more...]

Patch 4.2.0 Notes

Welcome to the first Variety Patch of 2023! For this Variety Patch, we wanted to help each region really get back to its roots. These new cards help exemplify what a region does well by reinforcing some of their strategies that need the support. We’ve [ more...]

How to make Video for Game Streaming Platforms: Best Practices

The advent of the internet has made many things possible. People online have found creative ways to create content that the general public can relate to. Video games have been played around the world for a long time.  The 21st century has made it possible [ more...]

Patch 4.1.0 Notes

Welcome to Patch 4.1! In this patch we start our new Beta Season in which we’re rolling out the first phase of our changes to competitive play in LoR. We also have a whole slew of balance adjustments and even two new cards for you [ more...]

2023 Roadmap

Howdy, all; 2023 is here! All of us on the Legends of Runeterra team want to invite you to join us not only to get an idea of the content we’ll be releasing this year, but to give us feedback and help shape the direction [ more...]

Patch 4.0.0 Notes

In the dust and desolation of the end of the World, a new journey began. After the excitement of the 2022 World Championship and the World Ender expansion we’re here to deliver some bug fixes and document some hotfix balance changes. Gameplay System Updates Card [ more...]

Patch 3.21.0 Notes (World Finals)

New Expansion- The Darkin Saga: World Ender “I am your reckoner, mortals.” World Ender ushers in the final chapter of The Darkin Saga. In this expansion we are introducing three new champions and the Bloodwoven Event. The World Championship finals will also be played on [ more...]

Rotation in Legends of Runeterra (Part 2)

Hi everyone, it’s Dave again! I’m back with a brand new edition… of Rotation Discussions! (You can see the last one here.) Quick Recap We plan to add a second format to LoR. The two formats will be: Standard – Many cards in the game [ more...]